Mira Kennedy smiling, on a beach in IrelandWho I Am

I grew up in Central Massachusetts, in a small town with nothing to do, really, except read books. So I read all the time and now I have neck problems from spending my childhood curled up on the couch.

I still love to read, though, even though it hurts my neck.

That childhood love of novels has led me to be an English major at UMass Amherst, getting specializations in Creative Writing and The Study and Practice of Writing (and a minor in Classical Civilizations for fun). The dream is to go into publishing, ever since I realized at 17 that being a full-time author was never the right career for me—I’m much more suited to editorial and behind-the-scenes work.

Two copies of Jabberwocky, which have cover art of art supplies in mason jars
Spring 2018 edition of Jabberwocky

I’ve been involved with the English Society’s official undergraduate literary journal, Jabberwocky, since sophomore year and it’s been so amazing to work with other students passionate about art and creative writing. I was Managing Editor last spring, and as a head member of staff I put a lot more effort and love into the creation of the journal than I did as one of many fiction editors. The feeling of holding the journal in my hands for the first time was incredible after all the hard work I and the rest of our staff put in. This year, I’m Jabberwocky’s Editor in Chief and I’m so excited and grateful to be able to run this show, especially in light of my hopes to get a job in publishing.

I’ve done several amazing editorial internships that taught me so much about publishing, my skills, and what’s different about the process in the “real world”. One internship was with a service that published online-only, and my current internship is mostly in-print books; the goal was to diversify my experience, and the dramatic differences I’ve seen have really fulfilled that goal. If you’re interested in learning more about what I’ve done, take a look at my resume. All these experiences have made me certain that making books is my calling.

I also have a lot of plants and look into buying new ones in my spare time.

Where You Can Find Me

I have a Goodreads account, where I post reviews about books I read and like. Or don’t like. Hopefully, I have nice things to say.

I’m hoping to have a job when I graduate, so I’m looking to build my LinkedIn network.

I have a Twitter account that helps me keep tabs on what’s going on with different publishers.

You can also find me in my local Barnes and Noble.


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