Black and white drawing of Dracula's castle, with an eerie shadow of Dracula on the cliff below

Writing in the English Discipline Final Paper

Last spring I took a writing in the English discipline course, with the topic of The Queer Gothic. I had a lot of fun in this class; we read Victorian and twentieth-century Gothic literature, a genre I didn’t have much experience with before. It was fascinating to see how queer relationships and characters were coded into literature before it was okay to talk openly about them.

There was a lot of writing practice, and I definitely improved that semester. My research skills in particular needed a lot of work; luckily, my professor pushed research as a valuable skill and I got the opportunity to work on that. My final paper took a lot of research and secondary sources, and the finished product reflects my hard work. If you’d like to take a look, read my Queer Gothic final paper here.

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